Carbon Market Experts

First, we listen, then we do the legwork.

Evergreen Carbon knows today’s evolving carbon markets. We provide keen advice on the values and activities of the market, as well as the condition and co-benefits of the projects involved.
We will tailor your portfolio of quality credits that reflects your values. We seek out and research the verified projects associated with designated (bespoke) credits. Our experts can then then manage carbon credits for you, whether a single purchase or business plan. Read more about our carbon credits.

Evergreen Carbon

Full-Service Carbon Credit Broker

  • We facilitate bespoke carbon credit sales locally and internationally.
  • We advise and manage agreements, and related contracting, for carbon credit purchases.
  • Carbon Credit Management – We make the holding and retiring of carbon credits easy, whether a portfolio or a single transaction.
  • We provide service for small to large carbon credit volumes (over 100).

Lightstone Consulting

We offer additional carbon accounting services through out partner consultancy, Lightstone Consulting. Services include: Carbon Footprinting, Greenhouse Gas Management system development, sustainability program development, supply chain analysis, emissions reporting, and more.


EcoSoul makes it easy and affordable for individuals and businesses to buy carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. We invite you to buy, sell or learn more in our open carbon credit marketplace