As yoAndian Highlands - Peruur partner in developing a meaningful Offset portfolio, Evergreen Carbon provides expert knowledge about carbon markets, Offset registries, and project protocols. And we facilitate the offset transactions.

To learn about your company’s values, interests, and budget for offsets, Evergreen Carbon  will carry out an assessment that may include:

  • Interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Conversations
  • Presentations

Once a company profile is developed, Evergreen Carbon will propose an offset portfolio that meets your needs. We supply project fact sheets and other collateral to promote your Offset portfolio both internally and externally. Evergreen Carbon is your ally in active greenhouse gas mitigation.

Evergreen Carbon offers additional services, as well. This includes Carbon Footprinting, Greenhouse Gas management system development, sustainability program development, supply chain analysis, emissions reporting to the CDP or TCR, and more.