Gary (Wolf) Lichtenstein


The driving force behind Evergreen Carbon is Wolf Lichtenstein. Wolf has had a variety of technical, managerial and customer-focused roles throughout his almost 30 year-long career. Making a commitment to follow his own passions and professional aspirations, Wolf formed Lightstone Consulting, LLC in 2005. Lightstone Consulting is an environmental consulting practice that blends expertise in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting and Environmental Management Systems, organizational change and sustainability management practices. Finding his own enthusiasm and excitement about the confluence of technology, ecology and human systems, starting up Evergreen Carbon was the next natural step – promoting the many wonderful sustainable development aspects of Carbon Offset Projects.



Rebecca Sayre

Outreach and Sales

Rebecca brings 20 years of community organizing, outreach, and sales to Evergreen Carbon. She is committed to collaborating with local businesses to transition to the new energy economy. Her policy background combined with her recent work as a real estate agent focused on supporting her client’s efforts to make sustainable choices makes her  focus on bringing local businesses to the  carbon offset table a natural progression.