About Us


Evergreen Carbon is a carbon offset portfolio management company. We provide high quality, best value carbon credits to companies that are seeking to mitigate their unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Evergreen Carbon offers a wide array of carbon credits from projects located in the United States and throughout the world. Let us help your company procure a meaningful carbon offset portfolio and communicate its value to shareholders and the public. This value exists on several levels; not only are you claiming reductions in GHG emissions, you are supporting other social and economic benefits (sustainable development), as well.

Our goal is to help our clients create an offset project portfolio that reflects their corporate values, ethics, industry sector, and geography. Evergreen Carbon can procure carbon credits from one project, or we can develop a portfolio of multiple projects that meets your organization’s requirements. Your carbon credits may represent emission reductions through multiple projects or through a single project that:

  • is conducted at one of your supply chain’s operation centers;
  • is located in a country that also provides a key raw material for your production;
  • is located in your country, home state or province, or even your own county or township;
  • has particular meaning for your employees and stakeholders—your particular cause célèbre.

Trusted Sources

Evergreen Carbon offers offsets from more than 800 projects worldwide, all of which are registered with the highest quality GHG programs in existence. These sources include carbon credits registered with the Climate Action Reserve, the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard, and the American Carbon Registry. These registries use a quality assurance framework that assesses and confirms the uniqueness and validity of each offset credit.


Evergreen Carbon offers offsets at very competitive rates. Offset prices vary because of market changes and legislative and jurisdictional requirements. Offset prices also vary because of the vintage of the offsets and the nature of the project. For example, carbon credits from a domestic Landfill Gas Destruction project is quite inexpensive compared to carbon credits from a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) project in a least developed nation.

Customizing your Portfolio

Through discussions, interviews, and surveys, Evergreen Carbon finds projects that meet your budget, shareholder preferences, and emission-reduction goals. Evergreen Carbon is unique in its ability to provide a meaningful and diverse offset portfolio, along with collateral that describes and informs.