Carbon Offsetting Makes a Difference for Your Business and Around the World

Local and Global Projects Evergreen Carbon provides offsets from numerous project types located locally andglobally. Your offset portfolio can contain carbon credits from one or more projects. Weare committed to supporting sustainable development projects that have co-benefits,such as reducing hunger, advancing educational opportunities, clean water andsanitation, environmental restoration, and sustainable economic development, amongother Sustainable Development … Read more

Environment, Social and Governance

Greenhouse gas management is the center of Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century. A real program to lower your emissions gives you an edge in winning new business, while reducing operational costs and motivating and retaining staff. An offset portfolio will get you to that final place of carbon neutrality, compensating for the emissions you can’t … Read more

Featured Projects in Malawi

Kulera Landscape REDD+ Project for Co-Managed Protected Areas, Malawi The Kulera Landscape REDD+ Project protects forests, biodiversity, and provides for improved regional governance, and sustainable forestry and agriculture in the project region. The carbon credits are developed from the careful accounting and independent third-party verification of the carbon sequestered through growing trees in the project … Read more

Project Offerings for Spring 2021!

Promoting Sustainable Development through Natural Rubber Tree Plantations in Guatemala This project has established rubber tree plantations in degraded and degrading lands where the use has been for cattle grazing. To reforest the degraded pasture lands, Hevea brasiliensis, a species introduced to many parts of the tropics for rubber production, is used. The project involved … Read more