What We Do

Evergreen Carbon is a carbon offset portfolio management company. We provide high quality and value carbon credits to businesses and organizations who are seeking to mitigate their unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We offers a wide array of carbon credits from projects located in the United States and throughout the world. We strive to offer projects that support local communities as they offset carbon emissions. 

Our goal is to help our clients create an offset project portfolio that reflects your values, ethics, industry sector, and geography. We can procure carbon credits from one project, or we can develop a portfolio of multiple projects that meets your organization’s requirements.

We can help you procure a meaningful carbon offset portfolio and communicate its value to your employees, shareholders, and the public.

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Evergreen Carbon has a variety of carbon credits to add to your portfolio. We provide the purchase and retirement of the carbon credits on your behalf.

Our Team

Wolf Lichtenstein


The driving force behind Evergreen Carbon is Wolf Lichtenstein. Wolf has had a variety of technical, managerial and customer-focused roles throughout his almost 30 year-long career. Making a commitment to follow his own passions and professional aspirations, Wolf formed Lightstone Consulting, LLC in 2005. Lightstone Consulting is an environmental consulting practice that blends expertise in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting, and Environmental Management Systems, organizational change and sustainability management practices. Once he found his enthusiasm and excitement about the confluence of technology, ecology and human systems, starting up Evergreen Carbon was the next natural step – promoting the many wonderful sustainable development aspects of Carbon Offset Projects.

Rebecca Sayre

Outreach and Sales

Rebecca brings 25 years of community organizing, outreach, and sales to Evergreen Carbon. She is committed to collaborating with local businesses to transition to the new energy economy. She has worked as a communications and advocacy professional for state and national non-profits and political campaigns. Her recent work as a real estate agent focuses on supporting her client’s efforts to make sustainable choices. Her focus on bringing local businesses to the carbon offset table is a natural progression in this journey.

Michael Truog


Michael brings over 25 years of international business analysis and investment management experience, along with a degree in economics to Evergreen Carbon. Michael is the Co-Chair of Climate Reality – King County Chapter, and led the projects at his church, Peace Lutheran, West Seattle to install rain gardens and 40 solar panels. He has also installed solar panels on the roof of his home and a community electric vehicle charger at the end of his driveway to encourage and support his neighbors in going electric

Trenton Harris


Chief Financial Officer Trenton Harris brings a broad set of capabilities to Evergreen Carbon’s mission. His 25+ years of experience includes roles as CEO, CFO, Executive Vice President, Senior Partner, and Senior CFO. Trenton has served as a consultant across multiple industries and non-profits. An active sustainability leader, Trenton has represented small business at a White House meeting on sustainability policy and is the former Chairman of the Network for Business Innovation & Sustainability. Trenton is excited to use his diverse skillsets to help Evergreen Carbon create a new green and equitable economy.

Hans Bjordahl


Hans Bjordahl is co-founder of Carbon Credit Cart, an open carbon credit marketplace for which Evergreen Carbon is the founding vendor and Wolf Lichtenstein is an advisor. Hans is also co-founder of digital experience agency Culture Foundry, host of The Decision, a podcast about Conscious Capitalism, and creator of internet media of various stripes, including an animated project with a climate change theme.