Carbon Credits for Individuals and Small Business

Small Businesses and individuals are often challenged to find reliable and trustworthy Carbon Credits.  There are  opportunities to purchase small amounts of carbon credits for individuals on a number of websites. Yet, as an average buyer, it’s hard to know what is a reliable carbon credit purchase. Some sites take your credit card number and say thanks for the “donation”. From this outgoing message, it isn’t clear if a carbon credit was actual purchased and retired for your environmental benefit or not. A real carbon credit (offset) is traceable to its source; the unique serial number assigned to the carbon credit can be traced to the carbon project, it’s location, the year the carbon credit was verified, who the project proponents are, who the verification team was that independently verified the carbon credit, the GHG registry where the carbon project is listed, etc.

Recognizing carbon credit selling websites are not as transparent as the carbon projects, themselves, Evergreen Carbon partnered with Carbon Credit Cart to provide credible and documented carbon credits. As the subject matter expert, Evergreen Carbon provided guidance and insights in Carbon Credit Cart’s development. This carbon credit outlet provides relevant original documents associated with the carbon projects and provides an emailed certificate that specifies the serial number or range of serial numbers for the carbon credits purchased. To learn more about Carbon Credits, check out Carbon Credit Cart’s “Carbon Credits 101



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