Registered and Verified


Evergreen Carbon sources offsets from the highest quality and internationally accepted offset registries. The registries provide a standard methodology, approve project protocols, and provide for carbon credit creation oversite and management.

Given that a single carbon credit is measured in a metric ton of CO2,  each particular credit used to offset your emissions needs to be traceable back to the source. The offset registries provide a unique serial number for each credit, resulting in a rigorous audit trail from your Corporate Sustainability Report report, back to the carbon project that provides your emissions mitigation.

The registries that Evergreen Carbon sources offset credits from are the Climate Action Reserve, the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard and the American Carbon Registry. From these registries hundreds of projects are available of all types throughout the world. Evergreen Carbon will help you discover worthwhile projects that may be happening to be in your own state or county. Or perhaps your company will resonate with a reforestation project in Borneo, a project that preserves habitat, fuels new sustainable industries based on forest products for local indigenous populations, restores watersheds and also creates the carbon credits that you are purchasing for your own unavoidable emissions.

It is possible that Carbon credits is a checkbox on your corporate risk mitigation “to do” list, which is fine – Evergreen Carbon provides offsets at a cut rate. Our mission is to ease the process of greenhouse gas mitigation, and Evergreen Carbon buys low and sells low! We’re a social purpose organization, and we’re in it for the volume of offsets that we are able retire on behalf of our clients.

Carbon Markets are a viable mechanism for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation – in both compliance and voluntary situations. Evergreen Carbon brings ease of access to high quality good value carbon projects from the major offset registries. With Evergreen’s deep and detailed knowledge of carbon projects, processes, and carbon markets, we are well suited to help you create and manage your offset portfolio.