Carbon Footprint

IMG_20150126_140005348Developing a correct and comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) Inventory for your organization can be a straight forward or a fairly complicated affair.  This depends on the complexity of your operations, and in your preparation and management of GHG data.

Experienced with several different GHG reporting protocols, Evergreen Carbon consultants helps organizations prepare your inventory for self-reporting or to a voluntary or compliance program. We support your organization’s inventory claims to a level that can achieve a verifiable reasonable level of assurance by an independent 3rd party.  It isn’t practical to mitigate your emission activities, unless you have an understanding of your carbon footprint.

Programs that Evergreen Carbon can help you with include The Climate Registry, Carbon Disclosure Project, GRI reporting, and other national and international GHG programs. Evergreen Carbon brings needed expertise, efficiency and a methodology for greenhouse gas accounting that is commiserate with your organization’s needs.

Evergreen Carbon, in general, bases our work around the international GHG reporting standard, ISO 14064.

Further, Evergreen will help organizations integrate needed documentation, reports and evidence as part of a GHG Inventory Management System (IMP).  The IMP is the ongoing road map for reproducing the same quality, completeness and accuracy of your emissions report, year to year. In management system parlance, Plan, Do, Check, is a matter of course in your standalone GHG management system, or as an integral part of your overall sustainability management.

Applying what we learn from our emissions inventory is the next critical step. It’s in these details that a true sustainability effort can take form. Evergreen Carbon can provide a basic system of reporting using spreadsheets and the like, however, and particularly for more complicated inventories – and for deeper needs of analysis and sustainability information management we recommend the use of a more sophisticated tool, such as Scope 5.